H A R R Y  G R I S W O L D: Poet, Photographer, and Author of Two Poetry Books

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If poetry collections can be “page-turners,” that’s what this one is.

Griswold’s casually brilliant verse is for anyone who savors good storytelling, ironical bites of humor, intellectual explorations, clear-eyed takes on history, gigantic bursts of humane love.

Just Enough Clothes is more than a triumph. These are poems for all seasons.

—Duff Brenna, author of Too Cool and Minnesota Memoirs

Harry Griswold’s aptly-titled debut collection of poems, Camera Obscura, is filled with people—real and imagined—at times isolated in their grief and locked in silence. The poet gives voice to their yearnings, and solace in his plain-spoken words. This is a poetry deeply focused in its seeing, its way of knowing. From the seemingly mundane to the near extraordinary, these poems look at the dailiness of our lives, as in the camera’s darkened chamber, “right in the middle of things.”

—Natasha Trethewey, author of Native Guard, winner of the 2007 Pulitzer Prize in Poetry

Cover Photo of Just Enough Clothes, by Harry Griswold

Just Enough Clothes

An eclectic group of 67 poems and 14 black-and-white photographs

Published in October 2014 by Garden Oak Press

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Poems From the Book:

Cover Photo of Camera Obscura, by Harry Griswold

Camera Obscura

A collection of 63 poems, including one nominated for a Pushcart Prize. Plus, four black-and-white photos and the front cover photo.

Published in July 2007 by
Wordcraft of Oregon

Poems From the Book:

Harry Griswold’s reality presses in from all sides. He speaks in a calm voice, quiet for the most part, but we sense the wildness just under the surface, pushing against the words.

—Joseph Millar, author of Fortune

Harry Griswold is the kind of poet you would like to sit down with. He’s weaving stories and he knows just how much to show, how much to tell. You won’t find a false step or easy theatrics. Camera Obscura is the work of an experienced, astute man, very worthwhile taking in. We need more wisdom in our poetry and Griswold delivers.

—Eloise Klein Healy, author of The Islands Project: Poems For Sappho

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