H A R R Y  G R I S W O L D: Poet, Photographer, and Author of Two Poetry Books


The following photographs appear on various pages of this website. Numbers have been assigned by the webmaster primarily for the sake of convenience. Black-and-white versions of fourteen of these images (numbered 1–14 here) are published in Harry’s second book, Just Enough Clothes.

All photographs of Harry are copyrighted © 2007 by Stephanie Webber (with the exception of the oboe shot, whose photographer is unknown).

All other photographs are copyrighted © 2007 by Harry Griswold.

Photo: Three Rocks and a Cloud, by Harry Griswold Photo: Statue at Milton Abbey Church, by Harry Griswold Photo: Statue at Queluz National Palace, by Harry Griswold Photo: Horses with bells and blinders, by Harry Griswold
#1: Three rocks and a cloud, overlook in Idyllwild, CA #2: Statue, Milton Abbey Church, Milton Abbas, England #3: Statue, Queluz National Palace, Queluz, Portugal #4: Horses with Bells, on the job at Óbidoz, Portugal
Photo: White Cottage Window, by Harry Griswold Photo: Cricket Player Weathervane, by Harry Griswold Photo: Window at Church of St. Dubricius, by Harry Griswold Photo: carved Corbel Head, by Harry Griswold
#5: Open window and bare tree at cottage in Porlock, England #6: Weathervane atop cricket pavilion, Spetisbury, England #7: Leaded window in stone wall, Church of St. Dubricius in Porlock, England #8: Carved corbel head on wall at St. Leonard Church, Bledington, England
Photo: Gravestones with Lichen, by Harry Griswold Photo: Face on Water Fountain, by Harry Griswold Photo: Door with Three Locks, by Harry Griswold Photo: Abstract Window, by Harry Griswold
#9: Gravestones with lichen at All Saints Church, Selworthy, England #10: Face on water fountain in shop, village of Dunster, England #11: Woman and shadow passing door with three locks, Antigua, Guatemala #12: Window abstract, reflection in office-building windows, San Diego, CA
Photo: Salisbury Cathedral Nave, by Harry Griswold Photo: Lighthouse and Stephanie Webber, by Harry Griswold Photo: Shorebirds on Beach at Del Mar, by Harry Griswold Cover photo: Just Enough Clothes, by Harry Griswold
#13: Interior of Salisbury Cathedral, Salisbury, England #14: Lighthouse (with figure of Stephanie Webber), Brixham Breakwater Light, Brixham, England #15: Shorebirds on the beach, Del Mar, CA #16: Front cover of Harry’s second book, a collection of poems and photographs
Photo: Waterbirds at Mission Bay, by Harry Griswold Cover photo: Camera Obscura, by Harry Griswold Photo: Stop Light and Church in Santa Fe, by Harry Griswold Photo: Anemone in Backyard, by Harry Griswold
#17: Waterbirds at Mission Bay, San Diego, CA
(11 Feb 2004)
#18: Front cover of Harry’s first book, with window in Santa Fe, New Mexico
(24 Oct 2002)
#19: Stop light in front of church, Santa Fe, NM
(24 Oct 2002)
#20: Lone anemone in backyard, San Diego, CA
(6 Feb 2014)
Photo: Window of House in Bilbury, by Harry Griswold Photo: Eagle, by Harry Griswold Photo: Pigeons, by Harry Griswold
Photo: Statue with Arm over Head, by Harry Griswold
Photo: White Wildflower in San Diego canyon, by Harry Griswold
#21: Window in house, Bilbury, England
(23 Jun 2003)
#22: Eagle in England
(6 Apr 2011)
#23: Pigeons in England
(8 Apr 2011)
#24: Statue with arm over head, England (3 Apr 2013); #25: Canyon wildflower, San Diego (24 May 2001)
Photo: Steel and Glass Building, by Harry Griswold Photo: Mural of Stick Figures, by Harry Griswold Self-Portrait, Trapped Within Trapezium, by Harry Griswold Portrait of Harry Griswold, second grade, 1949
#26: Steel & Glass Geometric, shot by looking up exposed structure of office building corner, San Diego
(8 Feb 2002)
#27: Stick figures on a wall, England (24 Mar 2014) #28: Trapped Within a Trapezium, self-portrait, Balboa Park in San Diego
(31 Jan 2007)
#29: Second-grade portrait of Harry Griswold, 1949
Photo: Harry Griswold playing the oboe, by anonymous Photo: Harry Griswold with seaport, by Stephanie Webber Photo: Harry Griswold in sunglasses, by Stephanie Webber Portrait of Harry Griswold, by Stephanie Webber
#30: Harry playing the oboe, San Diego (1 Jun 2005) #31: Harry and camera, with seaport in background, Portugal (17 Jun 2013) #32: Harry wearing sunglasses in Webster, New York (29 Jun 2010) #33: Portrait of the poet by Stephanie Webber
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